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Graphic Design & Photo

All kinds of photographs and slides are shot in our factory building. The demands of our customers are met with our experienced graphic and design department. Before turning a product into a finished package; the most important starting point is the visuals. The way to a effective visual is through a flawless slide, photography, graphic and design.


The cost of manufacturing a product increases with pre=manufacturing wastage. Eliminating this factor involves the sizing appropriate paper with the appropriate machines with the desired dimensions ensuring minimum waste.


Complementing the visual superiority of a packaging; Printing Systems 4 Colour + Lacquer Roland 800 Offset (100*142cm) 4 Colour + Lacquer Roland 800 Offset (92*132cm) 5 Colour + Lacquer Roland 700 Offset (74*104cm)


The packaging produced must be of strength and quality that protects the product inside from the manufacturer until it reaches the consumer. This is done with healthy lamination post printing. Our plastering machines include the Automatic Lamination Machine (125*145cm) Automatic Lamination Machine (100*140cm) and Manual Lamination (90*120cm)


In our Cutting Department we have the, E + EE + EB + + B + C corrugated cardboards and fully automatic semi-automatic machine park with a capacity of cutting from 180 gr m2 to 500 gr m2 (100*140cm), Pedal Cutting (80*112cm), Pedal Cutting (80*112cm), Bowl Cutting (57*82cm) and a Polar Knife (155cm).


Boxes made of all kinds of corrugated and cardboard are glued glued at 4 and 6 points. At the same time, acetate or cellophane application in windowed products is done with automatic machines and hand workmanship. Wire stitching is applied for boxes and parcels in which heavy material will be placed. Bonding Machines Vega 6 Point Automatic Bonding (110cm), Omega 4 Point Automatic Bonding (145cm) and the Wire Sewing Machine (4 Pieces)


In order for the finished products not being damaged till it reaches the customer from our company; safe, robust and high quality packaging are made in line with customer demands, while the shipment is provided by our own company vehicles. Our vehicles include the; Fleet Man Truck (Long Chassis), Mercedes Atego Truck (Long Chassis), Mitsubishi Closed Box Truck, Renault Traffic Minibus, Ford Transit Minibus, Boss Forklift and a Baoli Attachment Forklift.